The model shown above is a T300-2 Trailco Traveller® irrigating pasture.

Extreme Versatility:
The travellers will Irrigate a very wide range of crops and will operate well in very irregular shaped fields and on extremely undulating terrain.
Very Low Labour Requirement:
Several travellers can easily be operated by one man and the labour consists mostly of driving a tractor.
The travellers are ideal for irrigating widely scattered areas. They can be towed from field to field or farm to farm.
Excellent Water Uniformity:
The continuous movement of the traveller® provides a high uniformity of water application. Distribution of the water is very even.
Ability To Work Around Obstructions:
The travellers are compact units and can operate around power poles, trees or buildings with no problem.
Easy To Use:
The travellers are uncomplicated and easy to operate.
Long Life & Simple Maintenance: The units are built from long life components and require a minimum of maintenance.
Designed & Manufactured in Australia: Trailco Traveller® is designed and manufactured in Australia and is backed by an Australian wide dealer network for sales and service.
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